..I Believe ALLAH Has Bigger Plan For Me Than I Had For Myself..

what a perfect match!

when i read dis, it's just like reading a reflection of my own self..

im wondering, is there anyone in this world who can accept me as what i am, as who i am and as what-so-call jerk as i cud be..

something went wrong, lately...i dont know.is it me? or you? me, maybe..

i may not be the perfect match for YOU...but one thing that YOU may want to know-i like YOU....(minus few little things that sometime i just lose over it)


wah....!! aku tau aku ni memang jiwang -which is why i can write typical love stories- TAPI sejak bila aku jiwang balik dalam real life ni??? grr!!tlg jadi brutal n ganas balik boleh?so that, u wont cry over little things...

ok. back to bussiness.. i am getting so serabut with all the libary's stuffs..tak tau yg mana penting , yg mana nak kena start dlu..huhu..

but im learning.. smoga semanya dipermudahkan...semoga HATI ini akan terus tabah dan kuat sehingga penghujungnya..

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